Book Review: Alan Wake Illuminated

Alan Wake Illuminated

This is the making-of book for the game. It covers the characters and stories with interesting commentary on how they were created. Many of the discarded concepts and missions are really fun to read.

Majority of the pictures included are screenshots and 3D renders. There are a few pieces of concept art included but aren't really impressive.

I'm not a big fan of the production design for this game as I don't find the designs really unexpected, but that's probably to suit the game. However, the technical creation of the visuals is really good. The 3D modeling of the characters and especially environment are fantastic. It's amazing to see how life-like those characters are modeled, the amount of detail put into the environment textures.

You can get this book as a standalone or as part of a bundle if you get the Prima's Official Alan Wake Collector's Edition, the latter being the better deal.

Alan Wake Illuminated - 01

Alan Wake Illuminated - 02

Alan Wake Illuminated - 03

Alan Wake Illuminated - 04

Alan Wake Illuminated - 05

Alan Wake Illuminated - 06

Alan Wake Illuminated - 07

Alan Wake Illuminated - 08

Alan Wake Illuminated - 09

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Hi Parka!
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