Book Review: 背景画集 草薙4

Book Review: 背景画集 草薙4

For years I've been trying to find background art for Final Fantasy. The buildings, the castles, the environment, the world. Now I've finally found that book, thanks to a reader, Torturr, who suggested that I review it. I've seen the book many times on the shelf but never really know what's inside, hence my hesitation to get it.

This Japanese art book contains the background art to 5 computer games, namely Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Front Mission 3 and The Bouncer. 草薙 (Kusanagi) is an artist group with over 30 artists. As the book title suggest, this is the fourth of his background art books series (

For the Final Fantasy games, most of the art are detailed background sketches, with very few painted with colours. I think they are the actual 3D environment where the game characters actually walk on. Although I can't remember the name of the places, many of them look still look somewhat familiar to me, like the Midgar tunnels, Squall's classroom, the castles in FFIX etc.

The illustration on the cover is from Final Fantasy IX. Inside the book, it's presented as line art. It would really be cool if all the line art are coloured, but they are not. That's my only gripe for the book.

For Front Mission 3 (wikipedia), the coloured paintings are mainly cityscape. And for The Bouncer (wikipedia), there are the building interiors.

Looking through the Final Fantasy art is incredibly nostalgic. It's the same feeling you get when returning to places you haven't been to for a long time. Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997.

This is a great book for background or game artists, or just any artist who has played the games before and want a bit of nostalgia.

背景画集 草薙 4 - 01

背景画集 草薙 4 - 02

背景画集 草薙 4 - 03

背景画集 草薙 4 - 04

背景画集 草薙 4 - 05

背景画集 草薙 4 - 06

背景画集 草薙 4 - 07

背景画集 草薙 4 - 08

背景画集 草薙 4 - 09

背景画集 草薙 4 - 10

背景画集 草薙 4 - 11

背景画集 草薙 4 - 12

背景画集 草薙 4 - 13

背景画集 草薙 4 - 14

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Awesome! now I know what's in

Awesome! now I know what's in those books. I've got the Final Fantasy IX art book released by Brady games and it makes me a little sad to see some art missing form those (like those gorgeous painted landscapes with Zidane) but I suppose if it was all the art from the game the book would be HUGE!

Great post as usual, Parka.

Anybody know who this Final Fantasy artists is? :

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