Book Preview: Monster Hunter Illustrations (English)

Update: English edition of the book exists.

Monster Hunter Illustrations

Here's a preview look at the English edition of the Japanese art book Monster Hunter Illustrations (モンスターハンターイラストレーションズ).

Images and book description are from Udon:

Beloved by fans the world over, the Monster Hunter series takes players on an epic quest to hunt the most dangerous and fantastic monsters imaginable. Monster Hunter Illustrations collects the unparalleled artwork behind this landmark series. Inside you’ll find over 300 pages of designs for characters, monsters, armor, weapons, and more, plus tons of rough drawings, sketch work, and creator commentary.

Monster Hunter Illustrations (English) - 01

Monster Hunter Illustrations (English) - 02

Monster Hunter Illustrations (English) - 03

Monster Hunter Illustrations (English) - 04

Monster Hunter Illustrations (English) - 05

Monster Hunter Illustrations (English) - 06

Monster Hunter Illustrations (English) - 07

Monster Hunter Illustrations (English) - 08

Monster Hunter Illustrations (English) - 09

Monster Hunter Illustrations (English) - 10

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Hey, Parka. When does this

Hey, Parka. When does this book actually come out? I preordered it back in December and according to the shipping info it's out on the 10th, but on it's Amazon UK page it says Jan 2012, and on the Udon page it says August 2011?

Anyway, I love the site!

Oh, boy... Should I sell my

Oh, boy... Should I sell my japanese copy? I most definetly would like to be able to read what's in there, and I simply do not have room for 2 copies.

I'll keep an eye for this review!

i was excited for this but

i was excited for this but when i compared the preview images from capcom site with the ones in my japanese version book, you can see that UDON scaled down the images for the US book without maintaining the same proportions/ aspect ratio. This makes for some distorted looking pictures. If you don't have the japanese version then you wouldn't notice anything, but if you do then its something to take note of. ill probably still get this just for the translation and use it more as a translation guide than artbook.

Well, I got it, it's good.

Well, I got it, it's good. However, it doesn't properly fit in a normal sized bookshelf since it is horizontal, paperback and does not have the box to hold it upright that the japanese version has.

All in all, I regret nothing.

Hey gang, Matt Moylan here

Hey gang,
Matt Moylan here from UDON jumping in to answer some questions. If you ever have questions about any UDON art books, e-mail us at

@mogri: The UDON versions of Monster Hunter Illustrations includes both the original color book,and the B&W sketchbook combined in one book. The two sections are printing on different types of paper.

@Anonymous: The book is in comics stores now (North America and UK). It is also available on Amazon UK may not have received their copies yet, but it should be in stock there too any time.

@girlsarelikekites: There's no scaling or dostortion going on in the US book. Both books are the same size and same proportions. Hope you're glad to hear it!

I have the japanese version

I have the japanese version and checked the pages related to the screenshots. They're all there and nothing's distorted. What is different is some of the text. For example p137. In the japanese version there are no boxes over the images containing the text. Just japanese characters hovering over the pictures.

I bought this book through

I bought this book through your site and oh man, I love it. I can't get enough of all the great illustrations, their so inspiring. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves video game concept illustrations, character design, monster design, or just fantasy art.

Really dig it, glad you put it up here :D

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