Architectural Illustration with Watercolour by Gonzalo Ibanez (online art course)

Gonzalo Ibáñez is an architect and watercolour artist based in Santiago, Chile.

Architectural Illustration with Watercolor is an online course on painting the cityscape with watercolour.

Gonzalo's watercolour paintings is a mix of precision, due to his architectural background, and the looseness of watercolour medium. His style is the classic watercolour style with a good mix of wet and dry techniques.

This 2hr 47min is a detailed guided course that goes through everything you'll need to know about completing a watercolour painting. As such, it's suitable for beginners who have not knowledge of art or watercolour. All you need is the supplies, namely paint, brush, paper and water.

The course also covers a bit on perspective which is useful when it comes to drawing buildings. There are a few exercises on thinking and capturing light and shadow. These exercises are crucial to painting and making your watercolour paintings look like watercolour paintings.

Basic watercolour techniques are demonstrated and explained clearly. All the lessons can be followed along very easily.

The final tutorial starts with the pencil drawing, painting and adding details.

Note that the language is in Spanish but English and other subtitles are included. I had no problem following along even though the language is not in English.

This course has over 4,000 students and you can see their completed projects on Domestika to get a sense of how effective Gonzalo is at teaching, and he's pretty good.

5 out of 5 stars.

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Price of this course is usually around US $19, but the price will vary depending on whether there are any promotion.

Disclosure: This course was bought with my own money. When you buy any course through the Domestika affiliate links, I earn some commission at not extra cost to you


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