April 2019 Roundup


  1. The Art of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
  2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider The Official Art Book
  3. Drawing Masterclass: Perspective by Tim Fisher
  4. Posy Simmonds: The Illustrators
  5. Yoshitaka Amano: The Illustrated Biography-Beyond the Fantasy
  6. The Art of Bravely Default
  7. Captain Marvel: The Art of the Movie
  8. LEGO Micro Cities: Build Your Own Mini Metropolis!
  9. Sharaz-de: Tales from the Arabian Nights
  10. The Art of Over the Garden Wall
  11. Making Marks: Architects' Sketchbooks - The Creative Process
  12. Garis: An Anthology of Sketches by Johor Sketchers
  13. The LEGO Architecture Idea Book: 1001 Ideas for Brickwork, Siding, Windows, Columns, Roofing, and Much, Much More

Product reviews

  1. Diamine Pink Glitz & Enchanted Ocean fountain pen ink
  2. Panart sable watercolour brushes
  3. Best iPad for Drawing in 2019 (maybe 2020)
  4. Indigraph - The fountain pen that uses India ink
  5. Panart Synthetic Sable Watercolour Brushes
  6. Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite with M-Pen Lite
  7. Holbein Artists' Watercolor
  8. Panart Interlocked Synthetic Watercolour Brushes
  9. iPad Mini 5 (2019)
  10. iPad Air 3 (2019)

Youtube videos

  1. Mayan Limited Palette - Macau Casino Sketch (Tutorial Part 2)
  2. Macau Casino Sketch (Tutorial Part 1)
  3. Get that last bit of ink from the bottle (Ink Miser Inkwell review)
  4. Gloomy day sketchwalk at Kallang Basin (April 2019)
  6. Not Mixing Enough Paint (Watercolour Mistake 2)
  7. Florian Afflerbach Der Zeichner (book review)
  8. Review: PANART Synthetic Sable watercolour brushes
  9. CMY vs RBY colours. Who cares?
  10. Samsung Tab S4 vs iPad Air 3 (Artist Comparison)
  11. Review: Fluid Watercolour Paper Easy-Block
  12. Painting Too Light (Watercolour Mistake #1)
  13. Botany for the Artist by Sarah Simblet (book review)
  14. Best iPad for Drawing in 2019 (maybe 2020)
  15. IndiGraph - This fountain pen can use India ink
  16. Painting a White Nights watercolour chart (12-tube set)
  17. How to stop the pans from falling out?
  18. iPad Air 3 handwriting & note taking test
  19. Colour and Line in Watercolour by Glen Scouller (book review)
  20. Different Types of Watercolour Products
  21. Artist Review: Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite
  22. Drawing tall & short buildings (timelapse part 2/2)
  23. Drawing tall & short buildings (timelapse part 1/2)
  24. iPad mini 5 handwriting & note taking test
  25. Review: Garis Sketchbook: An Anthology of Sketches
  26. Review: Interlocked Synthetic Brushes by PANART
  27. Inferno Orange & Blue Flame - Diamine Shimmering Inks (review)
  28. Sketchbooks with 100% COTTON watercolour paper
  29. DS Hansa Yellows Compared
  30. Rainy day sketchwalk at Ghim Moh + Surprise Guest
  31. Sketch Book for the Artist by Sarah Simblet (book review)

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