Book Review: Rome Sketchbook

Rome Sketchbook

Amazingly, Book Depository managed to have this book in stock earlier than Amazon. I also got it at a relatively good price of US$22 including shipping - the price is much higher now on Book Depository.

This is Fabrice Moireau's sketchbook for 2011, covering Rome. It's in similar format as his other sketchbooks, except Rooftops of Paris which is vertical format. It's still 96 pages, hardcover printed with paper textured like watercolour.

The art is beautiful, as usual. Charming watercolours with crisp pencil lines, and a few ink sketches. He covers some of the tourists spots as well as the less crowded and unknown areas. You'll see the many big and small water fountains scattered around, the Pantheon, Colosseum, The Arch of Titus, the ruins mixed with buildings, markets, or even a museum that was converted from a slaughterhouse. This is an interesting book that presents the different sides of Rome.

It's an inspiring collection of sketches that is sure to delight. Makes you want to go out and sketch after flipping a few pages. Definitely one of my favourite art books for 2011.


Rome Sketchbook is available at Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | JP)

Rome Sketchbook - 01

Rome Sketchbook - 02

Rome Sketchbook - 03

Rome Sketchbook - 04

Rome Sketchbook - 05

Rome Sketchbook - 06

Rome Sketchbook - 07

Rome Sketchbook - 08

Rome Sketchbook - 09

Rome Sketchbook - 10

Rome Sketchbook - 11

Rome Sketchbook - 12

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I really like the way you show what's inside these art books -- you provide an excellent service. Thank you.

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