Review: Mijello Book Palette

This book palette is made by Mijello, the same company that makes Mission Gold Watercolour. It's an interesting product because you know the purpose of a mixing palette, but one that's made into a book format?

This is a rare product that's difficult to find online. I bought mine from eBay and the last time I checked, it's no longer available.

This plastic palette is slightly larger than 11 x 6 inches. There are some instructions on the paper above the cover.

The palette comes with a zipped transparent soft plastic case. The black covers, front and back, are soft, and have warped probably due to heat. It's difficult to make the covers flat again.

There are four plastic palettes attached to the spiral wire.

Each palette has 8 mixing wells.

The wells are not that deep but you can certainly put a good amount of paint on it. This palette is made for watercolour and gouache.

The texture of the mixing area is matte. The wells do need to be prepared otherwise the water and paint will just bead up in many small separate beads.

This is how it looks when you put lots of paint on the well.

The paint will then shrink and break up into separate beads.

Shown on the right is a well that I've scrubbed for a few minutes with Magic Sponge. The scrubbing makes the matte surface smoother. Somehow after scrubbing, paint can remain more spread out rather than shrink into something smaller.

It takes time to scrub each well, and there are 32 wells in total.

This is a plastic palette so it will stain.

The wells are huge so they can be used with huge brushes. These are great for mixing large amount of paint.

The instructions say you can keep paint in the wells, and when dry, flip to the next palette. This means you can re-use paint from previous painting sessions easily.

I posted a Youtube video review and there are people who told me that not all paint will stick to the plastic surface well.

I'm really not sure what to make of this product. I'm sure there are many big mixing palettes available out there. So what makes this special really is the spiral book format that it's using. But what's the purpose of that format? That's something I don't understand.

What do you think of this product? Can you see yourself using one?

I have the notion that this is not a mixing palette but a colour palette. Have you tried to put thin layers of colour into its wells and let them dry there?

The best way to get rid of beading from a plastic palette's surface is to rub it with a bit of toothpaste. The Magic Eraser is way too abrasive and it makes the plastic stain easier.

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