Sketches from 9 Nov 2014

Here are some sketches drawn today.

This was on the train. The red ink is Iroshizuku but I can't remember which colour because they have too many colours with Japanese names. The colours is nice, but using it alone is a bit glaring.

This was at City Hall MRT station. Drawing walking people is just too difficult.

I was at City Hall on my way to Esplanade to enjoy a free concert performed by the Raffles Alumni Chinese Orchestra. They are quite good. This was drawn inside the concert hall.

It wasn't ticketed and a long queue was formed outside the concert hall about 45 minutes before the starting time. The good thing was the queue moved quickly and the performance started close to the stated time. Check out the Esplanade website for more of such free events. I always though the free stuff happen at the concourse area.

This was dinner at the hawker centre just outside and beside the Esplanade, towards the Marina floating platform. Food prices are quite alright.