Trying out MaimeriBlu Watercolour again. Painting a Colour Chart.

Last year, I reviewed the introductory set of Maimeriblu watercolour paint and I wasn't too excited the quality. I wasn't able to achieve the intensity I was used to seeing with Daniel Smith paint and somehow the way the colours flow didn't feel right.

So recently I bought a few more Maimeriblu watercolour paint tubes to add to the set I had. aim was having some good sale back them for them. The tubes I bought were 12ml each while the ones from the set were 15ml.

One interesting thing to note about Maimeriblu is they only use single pigment paint. So colours that typically use a mix of pigments, such as Sap Green or Hooker's Green for example, only use single pigment here and as a result, these colours may not look like the typical colours of the same name from other brands.

This is the colour chart I painted. You can download the high resolution file at

The colours I've swatched out are:

  • Permanent Lemon Yellow PY 175
  • Golden Yellow PY 183
  • Raw Sienna PBr 7
  • Permanent Orange PO 64
  • Pyrrole Red PR 255
  • Primary Red Magenta PV 19
  • Ultramarine Light PB 29
  • Cobalt Blue Deep PB 74
  • Cerulean Sky Blue PB 35
  • Hooker's Green PG 17
  • Burnt Sienna PBr 7

My experience with these paint this time was more positive. The colours they look intense, even the ones from the introductory set, namely Raw Sienna, Ultramarine Light, Primary Red Magenta.

Another thing I noticed about these paint is they seem to flow much better. I was able to paint gradations and have the colour diffuse easily into the white of the paper. I notice the gradation here are smoother compared to the ones I've painted recently for Turner Artists', Holbein and White Nights.

I've no doubt much of my overall positive experience definitely has got to do with the better watercolour paper I'm using here, which is the Arches coldpress 100% cotton watercolour paper.

Maimeriblu's version of Hooker's Green is not like the ones from other versions. It's more muted here. DS Hooker's Green for example is more vibrant but that's a mix of four pigments (PG 36, PY 3, PO 48, PY 150)!

I'm a big fan of Cobalt Blue Deep but if there's already an Ultramarine, there's probably no need for Cobalt Blue. I do love the granulation though. I should have bought Phthalo Blue instead.

Permanent Orange is nice but you can mix an orange with the other existing colours so that's kinda like a redundant colour as well.

I will continue to use and test these colours so watch out for more posts from me in the future.

Maimeriblu cost more than other brand, and given the smaller 12ml tube, chances are you'll run out of paint more often. You can check out the full range of colours on Jackson's Art (UK) (free global shipping for purchases above a certain amount).


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