Book Review: REDLINE原画集 (Redline Original Artworks)

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This is one book where I had no idea what I'm buying. When it arrived, it wasn't what I expected, but I didn't know what to expect anyway. By the way, Redline is a 2009 Japanese animated film about with sci-fi racing as the theme.

It's a large wide format paperback art book that comes with a slipcase, 128 pages in all.

There are only animation boards featured. It's all line art before colours are added. You can see areas marked out for colouring by different coloured pencils. Small tbumbnails of the scenes are provided so you can compare with the final project.

The style or art and character designs are certainly very Japanese. I wished they had included separate concept art pieces for the characters and vehicles to better see the designs. It's difficult to check out the details or visualize the set on the small film stills - particularly so if you have not watched the movie. The pencils are very detailed though.

Fans will probably enjoy and understand this book more. Those who haven't watch the film can give this book a miss.

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though this book lacks some

though this book lacks some of the development and story background its layouts and sequence keys are expertly executed. if you want more of the development work look for the Redline Super Anime Album book which features screen caps from the movie, character profiles and concept designs, story boards, vehicles, interviews, and more.

Book looks interesting. I was

Book looks interesting. I was actually looking for artwork from this anime director, Takeshi Koike. His animation work usually has some interesting foreshortening / perspective thing happening. I'll need to save up some money though before I can buy from amazon japan though...

:O by watching the video, i

by watching the video, i expected a lot more from this book.
Koike is in my top 5 fav. artists so i reeeeaally wanted to have this book, but even though the storyboards might be top notch, i wanted to see some characters and background concepts full coloured and other stuff -.-
well, parka thanks a lot! thanks to you i guess i wont be wasting my money. sry mr koike :|

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