Review: Folio Palette from Art Toolkit

The Folio Palette is the latest and largest palette from Art Toolkit. The price is US $48.

Art Toolkit makes pocket-sized watercolour palettes. Even though I said this is their largest palette, it's still pocketable, well in the right pocket. I've reviewed their pocket palette and toolkit bag before.

That's how large this Folio Palette is compared to an A5-sized sketchbook.

The surface area is actually larger than a typical 12-pan watercolour metal box.

And it's still as thin as a namecard holder.

The non-glossy coating on the palette is quite prone to fingerprint smudges.

This palette comes with large mixing surface (the lid) and the main compartment can house several small stainless steel pans.

The metal pans attach to a large piece of magnet below. And since the pans are removable, you can configure your own layout or choose which pan sizes you want to use.

All the watercolour pans and mixing well pans are also available for sale individually.

The nice thing about this palette is the mixing area is much larger now.

The cover is folded on the side. There may be a gap there, but water won't flow out through that gap thankfully. So if you want to, you can actually hold the palette in hand while you paint outdoors. Just make sure you don't use too much water that it overflows.

There's a card with instructions on how to maintain your palette. One key tip is to apply vegetable oil to the bottom of the pans. Otherwise, the paint will dry, stick to the magnet, and when you remove the pan, the magnet will get torn off.

The Folio Palette is a good addition to the lineup of palettes Art Toolkit is already selling. This larger palette allows you to fit more colours in the box. You also get larger mixing areas. The downside is the smallest pans are quite small and don't hold too much paint. If you plan on bringing this palette along for a long sketching trip, this palette may not be able to store enough paint.

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