Winner for Art Book Review Contest #26


The lucky winner for April 2012 is Catchytint who reviewed Wolf's Rain Seeking Rakuen. Congratulations! You won $40 worth of art books that you can choose from.

There aren't much entries in April, but here they are:

And all other art books reviewed by readers.

About this contest

The goal is to feature more art books with the help of readers. For every book you review on the forum, you stand a chance to win a prize. To sign up as a forum member, let me know your desired user name using this contact form.

Check out details for the art book review contest.

To get some ideas on what you can review, you can check out these lists:

Next Contest

Deadline for contest #27 is 31 May 2012.



you got to find a way to

you got to find a way to attract more people to review (not more prizes their's enough of that) i still have two books i won at the art book review contest, and didn't review and having made some money i have my eyes on some new art books so i think i'll be able to contribute some time for reviews. just being a part of your awesome site by joining to the reviews forum is great fun.

I am having trouble

I am having trouble registering on the forum. every time I try I get this error "Sorry but you can not register at this Time Because the administrator has disabled new account registrations."

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