Who's going to San Diego Comic Con 2009?

San Diego Comic Con

Me! Raises hand!

Yes, I'll be going to San Diego Comic Con 2009.

There will be daily reports for all 4 days. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get the 4-day ticket with the Preview Night, so there won't be any sneak peek photos.

Currently, only Thursday and Sunday tickets are left. If you're going, what are you thinking about? Buy the tickets now!

This is my first comic con. It's going to be pretty exciting. I've read people saying they can't finish covering the con even with 4 days. Seriously? Seriously. I will be walking the floors trying my best to cover interesting things to blog.

The point of me being there is to check out the books. Most importantly is to talk to artists and publishers about their upcoming books, mostly be art books. It's hard to keep up with the endless comic book titles, plus I prefer Japanese manga.

There will be tons of photos. Cosplayers, toys, celebrities, artists, nerds, girls, and other stuff. Yes. Expect pictures galore from me. Maybe I'll borrow a video camera to shoot some video as well.

Yes, I'm getting all hyped up visit San Diego.

Any readers here are also going to comic con? If you do, give me a shout out via the comments!

If you have a booth there, definitely let me know. I'll pop around to check it out and say hello.

Oh, is anyone staying in San Diego? I'll be staying for another 4 days after the comic con to tour the area, the zoo, Seaworld.

What else should I check out?


Hi Parka, I live in the San

Hi Parka,
I live in the San Diego area and I'm attending SD Comic Con on Friday. Of course there's lots to do but it depends on how far from your hotel you what to go. Traffic during the Con and the San Diego area will be insanely bad. For example, several Comic Con guests coming from Los Angeles underestimated the traffic and became "no-shows." Seriously. I haven't attended any Cons in Asia or Europe but I guarantee this will be a very big event and the traffic will reflect it. Comic Con itself is going to be more than you can imagine if you're willing to go with the flow of the massive crowds. It's going to be a hot, fast, loud blur of great fun. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, bring snacks and water and get your camera batteries fully charged. After the Con things will settle down. If you're staying downtown, Sea World and the Zoo are close by. I can give you more suggestions depending on what you want to do with your time. Send me an email.

Tickets already sold out it

Tickets already sold out it is going to be one crazy show!
The San Diego Comic Con Exclusive list for Shocker Toys Booth# 3849

*Dick Tracy B&W Suit version 500pcs
Dick Tracy B&W Trenchcoat version 250pcs
*Dethklok Re-release set 500pcs
*Dethklok Dr. Rockso Mallow 500pcs
*Phantom Mallow 500pcs
*SDCC Art Designer Mallow 250pcs

*Available at the Shocker Toys Store www.shockertoys.com/store.php

We will also have Sushi Pack (Wasabi) Mallows, Indie Spotlight Series1 and blank DIY Mallows in colors plus an exclusive Mallow party release Beta Mallow 100pcs.

Hi Parka, I am from Costa

Hi Parka,
I am from Costa Rica, I work with Fragomen and I am a huge fan of DC Comics. Is there any chance to help me finding the Hal Jordan set of Blackest Night figures?? Please contact me as soon as you can.
My phone numbers in Costa Rica are (506)8840-5094 Cel. or work (506)2204-6306. Or give me yours, maybe we can talk.
Best regards.

Ah. :P I do so wish I was

Ah. :P I do so wish I was going (I am headed to San Diego during that time I believe), and hadn't have found out this late. >< I really wanted to snag the Comic Con Littlest Pet Shop toy there. If anyone could help, my email is ah.quetzal@yahoo.com. I'd appreciate it very much, I believe the toy is going to around 7.99. (:

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