What's the best iPad magnetic stand?

The list of recommendations below are based on the various iPad magnetic stands I have reviewed over the past year. My recommendations will focus on functionality as priority.

Note that most simple iPad magnetic stands are priced around US $70 - $90. Those with more features are more expensive. And most iPad stand don't work with cases or folios unless otherwise mentioned.

Links below are to my detailed reviews.

If you just want a simple stand

The two I recommend are the Lululook iPad Pro Magnetic Stand (2nd gen) and the foldable Benks Infinity iPad Stand. Both are priced at US $79. Perhaps Benks is the better choice since it's also foldable.

If you want something that isn't just gray in colour, check out the US $119 MagFlott iPad stand.

If you need ports

Consider the MagFit iPad stand and docking station. It has 2x USB 3.1, full-size HDMI, Ethernet, 1x USB 2, 1x USB-C power input, 1x USB-C host input, full-size and micro SD card reader. Price is US $199.

MagFit also sells a US $40 silicone case that can work with the stand.

If you want to use the stand with a case

Prices of the Pitaka MagEZ stand, MagEZ Case 2 and MagEZ Folio are US $99, $69 and $39 respectively. The case can be detached from the folio and attached on the stand easily. This stand also has a 15W wireless charging on the base.

The other option is the US $199 MagFit iPad stand and docking station which only works with their case which is US $40 and sold separately.

If you need a stand you can draw on

Consider the magnetic stands from Benks and Lululook (2nd gen). These are stable enough and elevates the iPad Pro higher and closer to you so that you can keep your back straighter.

If you also want the stand to charge your phone

Consider the US $99 Pitaka stand that has a 15W wireless charging base.

The other option is the US $129 MagFit magnetic iPad stand also with a 15W wireless charging base.


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