Wacom Intuos5 Touch tablet now in stock

Wacom Intuos5 Touch tablet

Wacom Intuos5 is out, and in stock on Amazon USA.

I was about to say that Wacom was quick but I found out that Intuos4 was released in March 2009.



gosh, im with you – it feels

gosh, im with you – it feels like they are rolling out new stuff all the time. all the non-intuos products like this recent ink digitizing toy (inkling?) and how they seem to constantly throw new bamboo things on the market seems to bolster that impression a bit, though.

and here i sit, looking at my intuos3 a4, and remembering my intuos1 a5. the intuos1 had everything thats necessary. the intuos 3 already had features you had to disable so they dont get in the way. and now theres multitouch and even more buttons and an ipod-esque ring. and weird feeling surfaces that eat up pen nibs.

i wonder whether there is a market for a high quality, completely no frills tablet. like, their peerless pen, slick surface, high resolution. no buttons. no sliders. no bullshit. rugged cable and a pen holder that actually holds the pen. id kinda like that, once my intuos3 goes the way of the dodo (doesnt look like that will be any time soon, though)

gekitsu is right. I have my

gekitsu is right. I have my Intuos3 and hopefully it will be with me for quite some time. I already have to deactivate the obsolete right-hand side buttons so I don't accidentally use them with my drawing hand. WACOM is in a desperate situation, having designed a product that really does not need improvement - OR improvement is just too darn expensive for the customer (see: Cintiq).

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