Viviva Colorsheets with Wooden Case

Big thanks to Aditya from Viviva Colorsheets for sending over this for review.

I've actually written about Viviva Coloursheets in 2017 when it was still a crowdfunding campaign.

Viviva Coloursheets come in two formats. One's the Sketcher Set with just the booklet of colours and the other is the Delux Set with the booklet and wooden flip case. At the time of this review, the Sketcher Set is US $29 and the Delux Set is US $75 for two booklets.

The case can be laser etched with your name or anything you want to write.

Inside the flip case is an elastic clothed rubber to hold the booklet.

The colour swatches are dye-based which means they are very vibrant but they aren't pigmented, hence not-archival.

A waterbrush is included because that's the most convenient way to use these colour swatches. The colours reactivate very easily with water.

Because the colours are so vibrant, it will take some time to get used to using and mixing them.

There are two colour swatches on each cardboard page, and tiny swatches at the edges to let you know where to find the colours.

I'm not exactly sure what material that it but it looks like leather to me.

There are 16 colours in the booklet and the whole set is very compact and easy to carry around.

It's difficult for me to determine whether this is value for money. If you're just spending the $29, that's comparable to a limited set of 5ml watercolour tubes. So in that sense the pricing is still competitive. At the time of this review, there's 10% off if you order more than one and use the coupon code MULTIPLE.

You can also compare it with another product called Peerless Watercolors which also has this colour swatches on paper concept.

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