Viviva Colorsheets (Crowdfunding campaign)

Aditya, founder of VivivaColors, sent me a couple of his new product called the Viviva Colorsheets a few weeks ago. I've been testing out the prototype, and now the product is almost ready for production.

He has created a campaign to raise funds to make more of these. You can check them out at

There are 16 colours in each booklet. Each page has 2 colours and the pages are separated by a waterproof sheet.

She has also created a wooden case that's sold separately.

These are swatches I've painted. They look very much like dye colours to me. I'm not sure of the lightfast quality though.

The colours are clean and non granulating. Almost like ink. They are very intense. I'm still getting the hang of using it. When you use straight from the booklet, the colours will look too saturated. So you have to mix them but it's not easy to mix unless you have a mixing area, or mix on paper.

Below's a video I made where painted with Viviva Colorsheets


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