Urban Sketching with Mixed Media & Watercolour

My latest online art course covers urban sketching with mixed media supplies such as watercolour, coloured pencils, crayons and opaque markers. The examples in this course may have appeared in other tutorials I've made, but these examples were redrawn with mixed media.

You can find the course on Gumroad, Skillshare and Patreon.

If you sign up with Skillshare via the affiliate link earlier, you get 14 days of premium account where you can watch all the videos.

This course is for intermediate learners with basic knowledge of drawing. Beginners are welcome too if you want to challenge yourself, and learn.

The lessons included in this 149-min course are:

  1. Introduction (2 min)
  2. Influences (12 min)
  3. Tools (24 min)
  4. Warm up drawing exercises (24 min)
  5. Sketch a church - Part 1/2 (24 min)
  6. Sketch a church - Part 2/2 (15 min)
  7. Sketch Chinatown - Part 1/2 (22 min)
  8. Sketch Chinatown - Part 2/2 (24 min)
  9. Goodbye (2 min)

You'll learn how to create these two sketches from the course.


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