Urban Landscapes in Watercolor by Daniel "Pito" Campos (online art course)

Urban Landscapes in Watercolor is an online art course by Daniel "Pito" Campos, an artist from Argentina known for his expressive watercolour paintings.

This course will teach you how to paint an urban landscape, eg. city street with people, using watercolour. This course is for beginners so no prior knowledge of painting is required.

Note that the course is not in English but English subtitles are provided. The English translation isn't perfect, but definitely still good enough for anyone to understand. For example, the subtitles will talk about "stains" when it actually refer to watercolour washes. If you don't like subtitles, maybe check out Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink course by Alex Hillkurtz.

The course starts off with Campos talking about the type of art he creates. It's really inspiring to see the variety of art, prints, murals, paintings, editorial cartoons he has created. He can paint portraits really well.

He shares his inspiration and shows the art from artists he admires. Joseph Zbukvic and Alvaro Castagnet are two of many artists featured. You can definitely see some similarities in his style to Alvaro Castagnet.

This course is very hands-on so you'll need to have the basic materials to follow along. You'll need pencil, watercolour paint and paper.

The course is guided step by step with clear instructions so it's easy to follow along.

All the techniques are well demonstrated and shown up close. All techniques are also explained properly so you know what they do and the effects they can create.

The reference photo is available for download so that you can paint along. You can also see the completed projects and paintings by other students posted on Domestika.

It's really cool to see how the painting comes to life from a simple pencil sketch to one that's so lively.

I mentioned earlier that Alex Hillkurtz's course is kinda similar. I have his course and this course because there's always something new to learn. Each artist will interpret the scene differently and will have different insight.

Campos is a generous artist and shares many tips.


All the Domestika courses I've featured are insightful in their own way and this is no different. This course really shows off the potential of watercolour, and it shows you how you can paint. The course is thorough and hands-on. The best way to learn art is to make art.

The only downside here is the translation but that's just a minor quibble that doesn't take away the fact that I learned a lot.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Check out the course and the reviews (1300+ students) on Domestika.

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