STGCC 2011 will be in August

Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention 2011

This year's comic con in Singapore will be brought forward to August, from December.

The organisers, Reed Exhibitions, have started sending out emails asking artists to sign up for Artist Alley.

This year, they have decided to increase the price of their 2x2m exhibition space (bold is theirs) to $600 from last year's $400 (early bird registration).

Oh, and this year's comic con is only 2 days. So they reduced it by a day, and increased the price by 50%.

It's not cool when you're trying to squeeze more money out of artists.

This puts artists at a great disadvantage. If you're making $2 for a sketchbook sold, you've to sell over 300 sketchbooks just to break even - by the way, you do not sell that much books during comic con. I don't know if the "priceless opportunities to tie-in" with local and regional personalities will make up for it.

I know many artists will be giving Artist Alley a miss, or joining bigger booths (like 10 people per booth) to share the cost.

An artist friend of mine is even considering organising the comic event ourselves, just for comics - no toys, no performances, no video games - basically none of the high expense stuff. Maybe we should.

If you were exhibiting at last year's STGCC, tell me what you think.



Been attending the last

Been attending the last 3years and never fail to show up at all 3days event,fully supported the event by purchasing 10+ event guide to help giving to friends and encourage them to participate ,while i would buy the toys/comics/mechandise at the event to show my support and dont mind paying charges to all the artist drawing/signature...

But this great event has gone from great to worse,just speaking from the last ended 2010event,it was no more than a entertainment fair,with highly markup prices and limited artist signing ....Although i know that the organiser need to control the cost ,but the whole event now is just a normal toys/games/comic fair with the intention of squeezing hugh profit from all those loyal toy/game/comic fans,which most of them could be purchase at a much cheaper price locally...As for those invited artist,it has gone the same way,while many fans were delighted when the tourism board and reeds came in,but eventually no big names were invited and worse still ,many new artist was being introduced(on a paid event,we expect a much international name.)

To conclude,those mentioned facts could only be agreed by those attending all 3days in those 3year event,while those who think that 'just dont go lah,talk so much for what'...This is just my own opinion,nothing personal..ThkQ!sam.

I don't like 2010 STGCC but I

I don't like 2010 STGCC but I love 2009 STGCC very much ... it was crowded and fun, unlike the 2010's ... if this year STGCC still like 2010, then I will think about not coming again to STGCC, but to just Anime Fair which is greater, lot of booth, crowded, and have more toys even the so called toys convention

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