Review: XP-Pen Desk Pad

It seems like XP-Pen is selling more and more accessories.

This latest one is the XP-Pen Desk Pad. These are the colours available:

And these are the sizes:

  • 60 x 30cm - US $12.99
  • 90 x 45cm - US $19.99
  • 100 x 50cm - US $26.99

The material is made with PU leather.

I actually use a desk pad in my office but not at home. Main reason is because the air-conditioning is cold and the cloth desk pad is more comfortable to rest my hands on compared to resting my hands on cold table. The PU leather should be easier to clean compared to a clothed desk pad.

Stitching and quality seems fine.

A removable strap is included to hold the rolled up desk pad if needed.

The one XP-Pen sent to me is 90 x 45cm in size and it's just nice for my table. The desk pad can be used on both sides.

It will take a while for the rolled up sides to flatten down. There's a good amount of space side by side for keyboard, mouse pad and even a small tablet.

Having a desk pad is nice but it's not really an essential buy. In case you're interested to get one for yourself, you can get it from XP-Pen online store.



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