Review: Xiaomi Wireless Charger + Powerbank + Stand for iPhone and Android phones

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This is the Xiaomi wireless charger and stand with removable power bank that's compatible with iPhones and Android phones. The price is SGD 55 and this is available on Shopee SG where I bought mine. This is significantly more affordable compared to the US $119 Pitaka MagEZ Slider that I reviewed weeks ago.

It is not easy to find a wireless charger that can also work as a stand AND has a removable battery that can work as a powerbank. And one that's actually affordable.

The removable battery is a flat rectangular design with beveled edges.

Wireless charging speed is 7.5W. FYI, the original Apple MagSafe Charger provides 15W wireless charging.

Wired charging is either 10W as mentioned on the battery label, or 12W as advertised on the product page.

The battery capacity is 5000 mAh and can give my iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung S23 Ultra 40 to 50% charge. Phones with smaller capacity will get more charge.

The powerbank uses MagSafe design and hence can attach magnetically to the iPhone. The magnetic strength is also quite strong.

It is possible to use the powerbank to charge other Android phones too, but the magnets won't align since Android phones don't aren't designed around MagSafe.

It is possible to buy a MagSafe case for your Android phone to use with the charger. With the Samsung S23 Ultra with a MagSafe case, the corner of the battery comes very close to the camera, so this battery may be too big for smaller Android phones with MagSafe cases.

The USB-C charging cable to the stand is not removable.

It is very convenient and useful to have a wireless charger that doubles as a stand that lets you use your phone vertical or horizontally. If you use an Android phone, you will need a MagSafe case to use the stand.

If you rotate the phone while it's on the stand, the corner of the battery body will hit the camera. So to change orientation, you have to remove and attach the phone.

The USB-C port on the battery can be used for power input and output. This battery allows you to charge your phone either wirelessly or with a USB cable.

The battery life indicator isn't that accurate unfortunately. When the light is flashing green, it means battery life is 30% to 99%. When light is flashing orange, battery life is below 30%. You can press the button to check battery life, and when the battery is used for charging, the light will blink too.

The battery will automatically turn on when there's a phone on it, and turn off automatically with inactivity. While charging the phone, there will be a blue light by the side to let you know it's in wireless charging mode, or just check the battery icon in your phone.

Pros and cons at a glance
+ Design looks good
+ Can be used a phone stand
+ iPhone can be used horizontally or vertically on the stand
+ Removable battery can be used as wireless or wired powerbank
+ 5000 mAh can provide 50% charge to a huge phone
+ Compatible with iPhone and MagSafe cases
+ Reasonable price
- MagSafe case is needed for Android phones to attach to the battery magnetically
- USB cable is not removable from the stand
- 7.5W wireless charging is slower compared to Apple MagSafe Charger's 15W
- Phone has to be removed and attached to change the orientation. You can't just rotate the phone on the battery.

This a charger I like a lot. It's available for sale on this Shopee SG product page at SGD 55.


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