Pitaka MagEZ Slider: Functional and Smart iPhone Charger Design

Review unit provided by Pitaka

The Pitaka MagEZ Slider is a wireless iPhone charger and stand quite unlike others in the market. The main selling point is there are add-ons to charge earbuds and watch, and it comes with a portable iPhone battery power bank. This is quite a convenient all-in-one setup for all your gadgets.

The official retail price of the MagEZ Slider is US $119 and that includes the 4000 mAh power bank. Just for comparison purposes. Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack is US $99 and that does not include a stand.

The products Pitaka sent over for review are the US $119 MagEZ Slider which includes the 4000 mAh power bank, the $69 Case 3 Pro, $29 MagEZ Card Sleeve.

Note that other colour options for the MagEZ Slider are $10 more.

There's also a $59 USB-C Power Dongle for charging the Apple Watch which I told the company not to send me because I don't have the Apple Watch.

The MagEZ Slider is easily the highlight here. This is a wireless charger and stand and comes with a removable power bank. The only downside is the wireless output is just 5W compared to Apple's MagSafe charger which is 15W. Charging a huge battery will take some time.

It takes 3.5 minutes to charge 1% on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and took 3 hours to charge 45%.

On the right side if a USB-C port for the optional Power Dongle for charging the Apple Watch. On the back is a removable magnetic attachment that your earbuds can rest on. Wireless charging output for the earbuds is also 5W.

The bottom features a carousel design that allows the stand to spin 360 degrees. The bottom is supposed to be sticky and there's a removable film you have to remove. I prefer to leave that on so that I can move the stand around.

The bottom is sticky so that you can pull the battery power bank from the stand without lifting the stand. Since I choose to not use the sticky bottom, I have to hold down the stand while I pull the power bank out.

This removable power bank design is so convenient and functional. And since the power bank uses USB-C, you can charge it with a cable too.

Power bank dimensions are 2.4 x 3.8 x 0.55 inch (62 x 97.3 x 14mm), and weight is 109g. This does add more thickness to the phone but I consider this to be an essential accessory for those who are outdoors often and videographers.

All the products are magnetic so you can easily swap accessories. This is the so-call PitaFlow functionality advertised by the company. Shown above is the MagEZ Card Sleeve. The magnetic attachment is quite strong but obviously it's always good to check if the cards are still there. It's not easy to push out the cards though. Pitaka should have had the hole at the bottom instead in the middle.

The Pitaka Case 3 Pro is US $69 and is compatible with MagSafe products. It's is quite pricy.

The case is not needed to work with the MagEZ Slider and power bank. But if you have the case, you have matching design with the power bank. It is possible to use other cases too as long as they are MagSafe compatible.

The case is made with tough and durable aramid fiber and there several Fusion Weaving designs to choose from for extra $10. The black design looks kinda plain so you may want to go with more colourful or fun designs.

The case is slightly thicker than I expected so it should provide good protection for the phone. There's raised camera lip. The front of the frame is also raise so you can put the phone facing down without the display touching the table. The case can be used with glass screen protectors.

The case has good fitting. The only downside is the case is difficult to remove. If you don't remove your case often then that's not an issue.

Out of all the products shown, the MagEZ Slider provides the best value for money. It's stand, charger and comes with a power bank. The iPhone can be rotated to horizontal orientation too. The pricing of $119 is reasonable for those features and hence this is a product I can recommend easily.

Other accessories are add-ons and optional so you can mix and match however you want.


You can find all the Pitaka products shown above on the Pitaka online store and Amazon USA

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