Review: Veikk S640 Tablet

Thanks to Gearbest for providing this tablet for review.

Veikk is a China company that makes tablets. Their website does not have much information and the only products they are selling currently are the Veikk S640 and A30 graphics tablets, and a VK1560 pen display. There aren't many reviews for their tablets I guess mine might be one of the first few.

The packaging is rather small since this is a small tablet that measures 6 by 4 inches only.

The included items besides the tablet are replacement nibs, nib remover, the pen and pen holder.

Eight replacement nibs are included with a metal nib remover.

The pen is light weight but solid. There are two side buttons that you can configure to pre-defined functions.

The pen body has a slight matte surface. I actually prefer hard surfaces like this rather than rubber grips because this is easier to wipe clean.

The pen case included is made of thick felt and provides very good protection for the pen.

The cable is permanently attached to the tablet at the thicker side. There are not shortcut buttons.


No driver disc is included so you have to download the driver from their website. Both Windows and Mac drivers are available. Installation is pretty straightforward.

This is where you can change the pen settings. The pen supports up to 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

This is where you can map the drawing area to the monitor, or monitors if you are using multiple. If you map the drawing area to multiple monitors, the cursor can go across from one screen to the other. Using two monitors with such a small tablet is a bit awkward. Even little movement on the drawing area will translate to a large movement on the screen.

The other tab on the driver shows a blank screen.


Sometimes when there are Windows dialogue boxes appearing, the cursor will freeze.

Here's an example of typical dialogue box that can cause the cursor to freeze. You can still move the pen obviously but the cursor will not move. In this case you have to use the mouse to get rid of the dialogue box because everything goes back to normal.

Use with various graphic apps

For some reason in Photoshop CC (Windows), whenever I draw, the lines are straight and come from the top left.

With Krita 4.1 (Windows), when I draw, the stroke will continue even though I have lifted the pen.

Medibang 16 (Win) works fine. Pressure works really well.

Adobe Illustrator CC (Win) also works fine with pressure.


This is the first time I'm using such a small tablet with a 27-inch monitor. The size mis-match is quite awkward. For a 27-inch monitor, I would recommend getting a tablet that's at least 10 by 6 inches. For such a small tablet, it's probably better to match it with a screen smaller, maybe 20 inches and smaller. For laptop screens, it should work better.

There are several glitches with various drawing apps on Windows. So that could be the deal breaker if you are using any of them as your primary app for creating art.

Generally speaking, I would probably recommend this not for graphic designers or artist. The small size of this tablet makes drawing for long periods of time uncomfortable. A tablet like this may be suitable for signing documents, handwriting, or create casual art.


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The stylus, for me, is

The stylus, for me, is complete garbage. Parts of the circuit board came off, then the buttons stopped working. Next thing I know it, it doesn't act like a mouse or anything. I take the buttons off, and can take out the circuit board. And what do I see? broken circuit board, poor soldering to keep the wire in place for the pen to ACTUALLY WORK. One of the sides of the wire actually CAME OFF from under the damn soldering.

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