Review: Uni-ball Eye Rollerball Pen

Uni-ball says this is the world's favourite pen for over 10 years. It's not surprising as it's a really good pen.


Uni-ball Eye Rollerball pen

Uni-ball Eye Rollerball pen

Uni-ball Eye Rollerball pen
It's a slim pen with matt surface cap and end. You judge the colour of the pen by the cap.

Uni-ball Eye Rollerball pen
When you uncap, you get to see the transparent ink feed system which is cool.

Uni-ball Eye Rollerball pen

Uni-ball Eye Rollerball pen
The body has a see through section that allows you to see how much ink is left. This pen uses liquid ink.

The Uni-ball eye is available in two line width, Micro 0.3mm (0.5mm ball) and the Fine 0.5mm (0.7mm). The product code for UB-157 or UB157.

Uni-ball Eye Rollerball pen
The tip is made of stainless steel with tungsten carbide ball.

The pens come with 10 colours, namely Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Light Blue, Violet, Light Green, Wine.


The ink used here is the Uni Super Ink, a type of pigment ink.

It's waterproof, fade-proof, acid-free and light resistant, and hence of archival quality.

It's specially formulated to bind with the paper, to prevent criminal check washing and document alternation.

It writes smooth, dries fast, does not skip, blotch or feather. The black is very black.

Uni-ball Eye Rollerball pen

Uni-ball Eye Rollerball pen
I use the pen for watercolour sketches and it works extremely well. When I spray my artwork with fixative, the ink stays as it is, does not break down, and retains the intensity of dark.

Lines are from the Uniball Eye and ink wash with Daler Rowney Kandahar black ink.

In short, this is an excellent pen for sketching or art work.

Note the only the Black, Blue and Red feature the waterproof pigment ink.

Uni-ball Eye vs Vision

The Uni-ball Eye also seems to be marketed under the name Uni-ball Vision. From what I can see, the design of the pens are almost identical except for the names printed on their bodies.


This is a high quality pen that's suitable not just for writing but drawing as well. For sketching, I would bring at least two just in case one runs out of ink.

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You can also probably find it at Jackson's Art Supplies (UK)



Using this since it's launch

Using this since it's launch about 10 yrs back. Very smooth, same quality. No other pen in this range matches the quality. I was using Parker gel earlier but the quality went down after 2005. Switched over to uniball eye 0.7 mm. I can use it sketching and writing. Excellent contrast with black ink.

I have heard that they have

I have heard that they have just released a new rose-gold barrel pen that is water-proof and fade-proof and is 1mm thick ink flow
There is occasional smudging when writing (immediately putting wrist over newly written words), so I guess it may take a little time for the ink to dry.
Overall the pen is still great to use and is long-lasting. Perfect for the student or a new addition to any stationery kit

I've been using the UB-150-10

I've been using the UB-150-10 (I suppose the 1mm) for the past couple of days and it is constantly skipping and just stoping after 40 words. After I shook it to get the ink down today (Perhaps too much) it just started giving too much ink at the tip and leaking ink from the two holes above the tip (I think air vents for the cartridge?) so basicly around a 6th of the ink in now gone (more than half of which now lies in paper towels) in 3 hours of (attempted) writing 150 words and constantly having to wipe it clean because it's leaking more than a broken tap. Not sure if the original problems of skipping and stopping is because of this particular one or the quality of these pens is such. Perhaps the thickness of the pen allows for too much ink to pass onto the paper and it can't keep up? I'm no particular quick writer either.

I cant believe I have been

I cant believe I have been using fineliners this many years and not discovered this pen sooner! It's just superior on all front!. Super smooth writing experience, super black ink with such satisfying flow!

How do you rate this vs the Vision Elite 0.5mm? Some say its basicly the same pen, but I've seen some video where the Elite seems to smudge a lot easier..
Pro with the Elite is the ability to refill, although seems impossible to get in the EU

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