Review: Pitaka Moon Wandering iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max Case

Review sample provided by Pitaka

Moon Wandering is the third limited edition iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max case from the Weaving+ series. The price is USD 89.99 and only 999 pieces are available.

At the time of review, which is two days after the official launch, this iPhone case is already sold out. I find that quite shocking. Their Youtube video only has 159 views and the Instagram post has 162 likes at the time of review. This is next level marketing. My review, this one you're reading, is the first review online.

So even if you want to buy this, it's not possible since it's already sold out.

By the way, the first limited edition case was Sunset Moment and the second one was Pixel Game.

This beautiful phone case is inspired by the first moon landing by Neil Armstrong on 21 July 1969. Included with the purchase is a limited edition magnetic grip and a commemorative coin.

On this metal coin is the design of the lunar module.

On the back is the footprint of Neil Armstrong. Not sure why they have the date 2023 after 1969 though. Note the other footprint at the top right edge.

That's the design created using the Fusion Weaving and jacquard weaving technique. The strands or threads of Aramid fiber are arranged, pulled and pressed together to form the design. The surface has some texture that can be felt since this is a weaved case.

The phone case is susceptible to fingerprints but they are not as obvious compared to the black phone cases.

The text is printed so I'm not sure if this is durable enough to resist wear and tear.

This case weighs 20-30g and is just 1.35mm thin. The sides are not fully covered since there are cutouts for the buttons, speakers and charging port.

The limited edition numbering will appear on the side of the camera protection, but mine's a sample so it does not have the number.

The case is smooth and not slippery. For extra grip, you can use the included magnetic grip which has strong magnets.

The grip can also be used as a stand for the phone. Pitaka also sells the standard edition grip for USD 24.99.

The case is compatible with MagSafe accessories such as chargers, stands and holders.

As to whether it's worth the money, you can decide.

Since this is already sold out, if don't want to miss other limited edition cases that Pitaka may release in the future, I suggest you follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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