Review: MOFT iPad Pro case, SNAP Float Stand, Float Folio

Review samples provided by MOFT

Update May 2024: This stand is not compatible with the 2024 iPad Pro

MOFT is a company that makes accessories for Apple mobile devices and is known for the slimness of their products and origami-inspired folds.

So MOFT has sent me several iPad cases and stands recently to check out and in this review I will give you my detailed thoughts. The products I've received are

The prices vary depending on the size of the tablet.

Snap Tablet Stand (USD 39.99)

The Snap Tablet Stand is a thin folding stand that you can attach magnetically to the back of your iPad. Installation requires pasting a squarish magnet to the back of the tablet.

This is one of the most lightweight tablet stands I've seen since it's so thin and compact. The downside is this is just a stand unlike a folding folio case which can provide protection and serve as a stand.

These are the different angles you can get with landscape and portrait orientation.

The Snap Tablet Stand can be used without pasting the magnet behind but you'll have to buy the $59 Snap Case (shown above) which has magnets to work with the Snap Tablet Stand.

Snap Case for iPad (USD 59.99 - 64.99)

The Snap Case for iPad Pro (2018 or newer) is a case that can be used with other MOFT products, such as the Snap Tablet Stand mentioned above, the Snap Float Case and Snap Float Folio.

This is a hard case that protects 3 of 4 sides of the iPad. I find the plastic material a bit cheap but the design works. The plastic is also kinda thin so I'm not sure if it can provide any drop protection.

There's a holder for the Apple Pencil and it supports charging. There's a hole behind for pushing the Apple Pencil out.

I'm not sure why but there's a much larger cutout for the power button. The volume buttons are covered and the extension buttons work well.

The main selling point of the Snap Case is so that you can use your tablet with the Snap Tablet Stand and Snap Float Stand without pasting the magnet behind. And it also provides some protection for your tablet.

Snap Float Stand

This is a folding stand that can elevate your iPad Pro.

In order to use the stand, you'll also have to paste a magnet on the back of the iPad.

But if you have the Snap Case (shown in photo above), then you don't need that adhesive magnet.

There are countless magnetic iPad stands in the market that can elevate your tablet. The main selling point with the Snap Float Stand is portability because it can be folded to become thin and compact for bringing around. Folding magnetic iPad stands exist but they are much heavier.

I feel the use case for this is kinda niche. Do you really want/need to elevate your tablet or would a folding folio case be good enough?

Snap Float Folio

Out of the four products, the Snap Float Folio is most appealing to me.

The selling point of this slim magnetic folio case is it's also a portable iPad stand. It can be folded to elevate the iPad. This is better than the Snap Float Stand since you get some protection as well.

These are the different ways the folio case can be folded. This case is slightly heavier than other folio cases probably because it needs the extra weight to be stable when deployed to standing position.

This is another fold that elevates the tablet.

With certain deployment modes, only half of the iPad is attached to the case. This means you won't get the full magnetic strength. So when handling the case, one has to be careful not to let the iPad slipped off the case. For me, I just grip the iPad and case firmly when folding so that there's no way for the iPad to fall off.

If you want more protection, you can use the Snap Float Folio together with the Snap Tablet Case and this will protect all four sides including the front and back.


The design for MOFT products are quite different from the common cases and stands you see in the market. As mentioned earlier, the main features of their products are slimness and the thoughtful folding designs. The downside is in exchange for the extreme portability, the cases and stands sacrifice some protection for the tablets.

If you're interested in any of these MOFT products, you can get them from the MOFT online store.


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