Review: Manhattan Portage Urban Bag

I bought this bag to hold my sketchbooks and some pens while I'm commuting on public transport.

The construction is very good. It's well stitched. The material used is tough. The sling is wide and comfortable on the shoulder. The whole bag feels durable and it is certainly very portable.

There are five pockets.

On the side is a small pocket big enough for two pens. On front flap, there's a zipped pocket big enough for a few pens or the mobile phone. Inside, after unbuckling, there are three zipped pockets - two in front and the main compartment. The two are in two sizes, the small one can hold a mp3 player, keys, the little items, and the other larger one is big enough to hold a DVD box. The main compartment is large enough to hold a few A5 notepad.

It can probably squeeze in a point-and-shoot camera but that would depend on the size of the camera, and you have to take stuff out from the main compartment.

It's slightly expensive but it's well worth the money. I think it's a pretty good bag for the artist on the go.

The side pocket can hold two pens.

The front flap can hold a few pens, markers and phone.

The various sizes of the pockets inside.

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The bag comes in two colours. olive and black.

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