Review: Lululook Magnetic Stand for Samsung Tab S7, S7+, S7FE, S8, S8+

Review unit provided by Lululook

Lululook has finally released the magnetic stands for the Samsung Galaxy Tab series tablets. Official retail price is US $99 but they go on discounts occasionally. Yes they are pricy but they are the best stands out there for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I've been using their magnetic iPad Pro stand (right) for almost 10 months now and it still works great, and best of all it looks so good.

The stand is made of aluminum and build quality is excellent. It comes in two sizes, small which fits the 11-inch Tab S7 and S8, and big which fits the 12.4-inch Tab S7+, S7FE and Tab S8+. Price's the same for both sizes.

The attachment surface is matte textured plastic so it should not scratch the back of the tablet. All the edges are also beveled.

There's also a cutout for the S Pen. The design is clean and simple. Aesthetics reminds of me of Apple products.

The profile is slim. The bottom is padded with a huge rubber pad for extra grip on the table. It's stable on the table, and lightweight enough to make it quite portable.

The hinge is stiff which helps maintain the rotation and orientation.

If you want to draw on it, just note that the S Pen will be affected by the strong magnets and lines will wobble a lot near those magnets.

So this isn't really a stand to draw on.

The side of the tablet will flush to the side of the stand. Magnets are very strong. You have to hold the base down to pull the tablet away.

The stand does not work well with tablet cases. Even with a slim case, the strength of the magnets is affected significantly so you don't really want to risk the tablet dropping off with a light knock.

The stand works great in portrait orientation as well.

I've seen and reviewed several stands for various tablets and the ones from Lululook are the best in terms of design and build quality. In addition to these stands made for the Samsung tablets, the company also has magnetic stands for iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPad Air.

If you want a good stand and have the budget, definitely check out Lululook magnetic stands. The magnetic stands are available from Lululook online store.

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