Review: Lenovo Precision Pen 2 (AES 2.0 active stylus)

Lenovo Precision Pen 2 is an active stylus released together with the Lenovo P11 Pro tablet.

At the time of this video, there isn't much details on the exact retail price and where you get buy replacement pen tips. I bought this pen for US $50 as part of a bundle with the tablet. It's likely the pen will be priced higher when sold separately.

The pen supports WGP (not sure what this is) and AES 2.0 (Wacom Electro-Static technology).

Body of the pen is made of metal and build quality is solid. The functionality of the two side buttons will vary depending on the apps you use, and most apps do not allow you to customise the shortcut buttons.

At the back of the pen is the USB-C charging port. Battery life is rated to last for 100 hours which is good for a few days of continuous use. I do prefer removable AAAA batteries though. Diameter of the pen is just slightly thicker than a typical wooden pencil.

The pen has a good length, thickness and weight which makes it comfortable to hold. It's slightly shorter than the Apple Pencil.

Only replacement pen tip is included. It's difficult to find replacement tips right now. This is a real concern for artist who draw frequently and may wear out the tip fast.

The pen tip is tapered in design and the tip of the tip has a matte surface finishing that provides slight friction on glass. The pen tip glides smoothly on glass and thankfully isn't too slippery. I don't recommend using the pen on a matte screen protector as that will wear off the tip even faster.

That's the silicone case included in the box.

On the back of the silicone case is double-sided tape.

If you want, you can stick the silicone case to the hard plastic backing.

Looks like you can run a key chain through that hole.

Clip Studio Paint is the only app I know of that allows you to adjust the pressure sensitivity curve.

There is slight wobble with slow diagonal lines. The S Pen can produce slightly straighter lines by comparison.

Lines can taper but how well they can taper will depend on the app and settings you use.

Line transition from thin to thick is smooth. Initial activation force is minimal is quite sensitive at low pressure.

So the only issue when drawing is actually the diagonal line jitter/wobble.

Tilt sensitivity works great with Autodesk Sketchbook. Lines can transition from thin to thick smoothly. When used with Concepts, the thin-thick transition is more abrupt. So how well tilt sensitivity is supported depends on the app you use.

It's easy to maintain consistent pressure to draw line with uniform thickness.

Drawing performance with Clip Studio Paint is pretty good. When drawing with my normal speed, I don't see the wobble affect my art. Maybe it's also because Clip Studio Paint has settings to smoothen lines. With Autodesk Sketchbook, I notice the line jitter/wobble more easily.

Pressure works with Medibang Paint Pro too.

Writing performance is pretty good. Most apps are able to capture my handwriting reasonably well, with Wacom Bamboo Paper app being the most accurate. It's a good pen for taking notes.

Hi, thanks for the pen review! In your previous review of the Lenovo P11 Pro though you stated that there was no diagonal jitter with the same pen, whereas in this review you reported rather visible jitter. How is that?

In reply to by Stefano (not verified)

Sorry, there should be slight jitter or wobble with diagonal lines.

Some apps will actually smoothen out the lines. E.g. With Clip Studio Paint you can set how strong smoothing is.

This looks good. I'm looking into new tablets and I want a stylus to come with it. $50 isn't bad, thanks Teoh!

Hi, curious if you have found out what WGP refers to? Can’t seem to find any details on it

Hi thanks for the review
Is it possible to use steadler stylus pen with lenovo pad plus or pad 11 or pap pro?
Thanks in advance.

In reply to by Rastin (not verified)

If you're referring to using the precision pen 2 on a tab P11, answer is yes. Using one on the P11 and it's working flawless. Much better using the pen to draw than my finger.

I don't know how to connect it. The led is not visible, when pressing any button except for charging and also is not visible in Bluetooth list. However is writing, if I put pressure is showing thicker lines. I am very confused.

Do I need to pair the pen or just use right out of the box? Not sure how to set the buttons.

I have that pen and I have been pretty happy with it. I read everywhere but didn't find replacement rips for the pen. Since I bought mine included in the tablet box (without any extra tips), I wonder when I will need to replace them.
Great review!

In reply to by Lvdm (not verified)

Not exactly sure of the tech behind but it may be similar to Wacom tech where the pen does not need to pair to work with the tablet.

These pens need electric power to generate some field so that the tablet can detect the pen. Come to think of it, most pens are battery powered. The one that's not battery powered that I can think of now is Samsung S Pen.

This Lenovo pen should always be on as there's no power-off state. If you've already charged the battery, it may be hardware issue. Contact your seller or Lenovo support to ask.

Hey, I want to use this pen for a different lenovo running ubuntu. Is that possible at all?

In reply to by Stefano (not verified)

Did you get some different version? Mine was $60 on sale and between 70 and 80 full price. All that came in the box was the pen and a charging cable. I just bought a holder to stick on my laptop so I don't lose it, but now I regret doing that. If I was supposed to get all these other things in the box, I should be complaining, I guess? It was delayed shipment for a week and stuck in customs for 2 weeks as well. I waited a month for it and I can't believe I didn't get all these accessories if they're supposed to come with it.

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