Review: Kuxiu X36 clamp arm for big tablets

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The Kuxiu X36 Tablet Clamp Arm is a variation of the Kuxiu X36 iPad Pro Arm that I've reviewed recently.

The main difference between the two is this clamp arm can be used with any tablet from small 8.3-inch iPad mini to the gigantic 14.6-inch Tab S9 Ultra.

The price of the Kuxiu X36 clamp arm is USD 89.99 which may or may not include free shipping depending on where you are.

The arm and clamp will require assembly which is quite straightforward. Build quality of the arm is extremely solid since it's made with full metal.

The clamp is made with plastic and build quality is good.

Each segment of the arm is hollow to reduce the weight.

The maximum thickness of the table that can be used for the base clamp is 5cm. There are cushion padding to prevent damage to the table. Once clamped to the table, the arm is tight and will not move unless you move it.

The tablets that can be clamped should be between 7 to 12.9-inches wide.

Installing the tablet clamp involves putting the knob through the ballhead first.

Next, the ballhead is pushed into the back of the clamp, and tighten by the knob. The ballhead is easy to adjust and is highly convenient.

There is a limit to how low the first segment of the arm can bend.

Shown above is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra with a case. The total weight is around 1kg and the arm is able to support the weight. The company states that the maximum weight the arm can hold is 1.5kg.

This will also work with the Microsoft Surface Pro as well which has almost the same width as the Samsung tablet.

When the arm is extended all the way and low, the heavy tablet can still move down due to gravity. So the arms have to be folded in certain positions to prevent the tablet from sinking lower.

The arm is very flexible. You can pull the tablet close to you easily.

The tablet can also be used in portrait orientation.

The clamp is able to hold the tablet tight. The front of the clamp does not cover the camera. If your tablet camera is covered, you can always mount the tablet off-centre.

The clamp can actually hold the Tab S9 Ultra with the case which is convenient because removing the case to mount the tablet is a hassle. There's even enough space for the protruding part that holds the S Pen.

When moving the tablet and arm, the two moveable parts of the clamp will move due to the spring moving, but don't worry as the tablet is always held securely by the clamp.

When using finger gestures on the tablet, the arm will wobble but become stationary quickly. It is not easy to write on the tablet and not possible to draw on the tablet because any force applied can move the arm down even though the hinge is quite strong.

Is is possible to record top-down videos with a phone if you have a phone that's large enough to be clamped. You can clamp the phone off-centre to prevent the clamp from covering the camera, and to get access to the port for charging or for use with a microphone.

This clamp looks good and works well. I can't say much about the durability since I've not used this clamp for months yet. I'm not too worried about the metal part because metal is strong. The back of the clamp that attaches to the metal ballhead is plastic. Hopefully that will be durable enough against wear and tight with all the movement.

Where to buy

You can buy the Kuxiu X36 tablet clamp arm from Kuxiu online store. The price is USD 89.99.

If there are no other discounts, you can use my coupon code TECH10 for 10% off.


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