Review: Huion Wireless Keyboard

Review unit provided by Huion

This is the wireless Bluetooth keyboard that was released alongside the Huion Kamvas Studio 16 (review) and Huion Kamvas Studio 24. The keyboard is sold separately for USD 49.99 but is $10 off with a bundle deal.

The bottomline is this is a good looking keyboard that works well and is reasonably priced. It can be paired with three devices with Bluetooth, and has automatic switching for Mac and Windows keyboard layout. The main downside is there's no wired mode. Minor downside is there's no backlight.

The Huion wireless keyboard looks kinda similar to Apple's except for the colours of course.

The Logitech K810 (discontinued) is quite similar to the Huion keyboard too. The Logitech keyboard has backlight though.

The back has 5 rubber feet with good grip on the table.

I'm not sure what material is used for the body but it's solid with minimal to no flex. There's some weight to it so it does not feel plasticky. Build quality is good.

The keys use the scissor switch mechanism. The keys have good travel and feedback. Typing experience is satisfactory.

The low profile keyboard is comfortable to type on. This is a thin and compact keyboard so it's very portable too.

The keyboard uses Bluetooth 5.1 and can be paired to three devices. This keyboard supports Mac, Windows and Android. When paired with Android, the Windows key becomes the Android key.

Pairing is quick and switching between connection (Fn + Q/W/E) is quick too.

The light indicators are for CapsLock, Bluetooth status and power.

When switching Bluetooth connection, the light indicator will light up once and it's not easy to see so you have to really look out for it. Anyway after you know how much time is needed for switching connection, you don't have to look at the light indicator anymore.

The power light indicator will flash green when battery is low. I did not test the battery life since it's not something I can test easily. Anyway, the keyboard can be used while it's charging so battery life is not going to be a problem. Besides, you'll get the low battery warning in advance.

The USB-C port is only for charging. Wired connection is not supported which is unfortunate because that would be very useful during emergencies, e.g. can't pair before you sign in.

I don't really have many negative things to say about this keyboard. It looks good and works well. Pricing is reasonable at USD 49.99, and more so if you can get this with a bundle deal. Only downsides are there's no wired mode and backlight.

This is a keyboard I can recommend easily.

If you're interested to get this keyboard, you can find it on Huion online store


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