Review: Daiso Decorative Tape Dispenser

Daiso actually has some nice affordable art supplies if you search hard enough. These are the two decorative tape dispensers I bought at Daiso Singapore for just S$2 each.

These work like typical white-out tape dispensers. The length is 3m which makes this purchase quite worth the money.

These are not refillable though.

Unfortunately for me, I was only able to get one of the two to work.The other tape just will not stick to the paper. Thankfully, this one with the coloured dots looked really nice.

The transparent portion is quite transparent. When you look at the tape from an angle, they do have the reflective sheen though. They are not sticky so you can run your fingers and nothing will stick.

Using these tape dispensers is a quick, fun and easy way to add textures and patterns to your sketch. You can use these dots like you would use halftone dots, eg, to create values or patterns.

The look is quite beautiful. This is a look or effect you just can create with only watercolour. I guess you can create the effect with coloured ink pens but that would require time and patience.

You can also overlay the tape onto tape, or tape onto colour.

The lightfast quality of the tape is unknown though. But chances are, these are probably not lightfast which means the colours will fade when you expose them to light long enough. However if you're using these in sketchbooks, lightfast or not should not be a problem.

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I never thought of using

I never thought of using these like halftone patterns! What a great idea! Rather than lightfastness, I'd worry that the adhesive would eventually dry up, and the tape would fall off. I use Tombow Mono adhesive, a similar glue tape, and I've encountered a number of types of paper that it will not adhere to. I use it for attaching mementos to my journal, but I wonder if everything will fall off in a few years.

I love your review about

I love your review about Daiso Decorative Tape Dispenser, The look is quite beautiful. the tape can give u effect when you create it with only watercolour. I guess you can create the effect too with much coloured ink pens but ya maybe it's would require time and patience.

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