Review: Apple Pencil silicone grip and ESR case for iPad Pro from Lululook

These are the other review samples I received from online retailer Lululook in addition to the magnetic iPad Pro stand that I reviewed yesterday.

This silicone grip case for the Apple Pencil 2nd gen should be useful for artists. This is priced at US $9.99 and comes in different colours

This is basically a 2-piece silicone case you can install easily by slipping it onto the Apple Pencil.

This silicone case provides an excellent grip for the Apple Pencil. I have on many occasions had my Apple Pencil slip off my hands accidentally because of the smooth white plastic body. Having a silicone case like this will help, and it's thankfully not too expensive.

The fit is good. However the silicone case does not cover all the way to the edge of the tip holder.

Even with the silicone case on, you can still snap the Apple Pencil to the side of the iPad Pro for charging. However, the magnetic attraction will not be as strong due to the extra material in between. If you use a case that products the side of the iPad Pro, you won't be able to charge the Apple Pencil.

So if you want to charge the Apple Pencil, you have to get a case that exposes the side of the iPad Pro. The case shown above is designed by ESR which is a company that makes countless tablet cases. This case is sold on Lululook and many other websites. This specific one is made of the iPad Pro 2020 and 2021 but it can be used with the iPad Pro 2018 as well.

The case design is the common slip case/stand design however there's this flap on the side to protect the Apple Pencil and keep it in place.

There's a small slip on the flap to let you see whether there's anything behind.

If you don't use an Apple Pencil, you can just push the flap further in. That flap will attach magnetically to the front cover.

This case is quite slim and protects the front, back and side, not the top and bottom where the speaker grills are. I've used a slim case like this for my previous iPad Pro and there's still a chance for you to dent the iPad Pro especially at the corners. My iPad Pro has many dents with the previous slim case.

This is the case in standing mode. I'm using the iPad Pro 2018 where the camera module is smaller and unable to fill the whole squarish cutout which was designed for the 2020/2021 iPad Pros.

The material is some PU leather with smooth surface on the exterior.

Interior texture is slighly coarser but overall still quite smooth.

This case is priced at US $29.99 and comes in different colours.

The silicone grip case and iPad Pro case are very functional. This flip case or cover design from ESR is very common, however much less common is the extra flap to protect the Apple Pencil and that's actually very useful. You can throw the iPad Pro with case in a back and there will be no way the Apple Pencil can be dislodged from its position.

The silicon grip case for Apple Pencil is definitely worth the money. As for the case, it more pricy compared to other cases from generic brands, but it comes with that flap so you can decided whether that's worth the money for you.

If you're interested to get these products, you can find them here: ESR case | Silicone case for Apple Pencil 2


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