Review: Apple Pencil alternative with wireless charging from Benks

Review unit provided by Benks

I have reviewed several Apple Pencil alternatives before and this latest one from Benks has magnetic wireless charging with battery status.

This pen is compatible with iPad models that support Apple Pencil 2.

There's support for tilt and palm rejection, but unfortunately no pressure sensitivity.

This pen is available on Benks online store and the price is US $49.99. The original Apple Pencil is US $129.

In the box, there's a quick start guide, two replacement pen tips and the pen.

Benks Apple Pencil alternative looks and feels like Apple Pencil 2. The physical design is almost identical and weight is almost similar.

The visual differences are the back of Benks pen has a button with a circular ring of light as battery life status.

These are the light status:

  • Blue: Pen is active
  • Flashing red: When charging or when battery life is low
  • Green light: Battery is fully charged. Light will stay on for 30s and go off automatically

Pairing is via Bluetooth and has to be done through iPadOS settings. Only one pen can be paired to the iPad at any time. If Apple Pencil 2 is already paired, then Benks pen will not be able to write, but the back button will still work.

When Benks pen is attached magnetically to the side, there's no battery charging notification that appears like the one you get with the original Apple Pencil 2. The battery charging status can only be see with the battery widget.

You can use original or any third party replacement pen tips compatible with Apple Pencil 2.

Benks pen supports tilt sensitivity and palm rejection but there's no pressure sensitivity.

The default shorts for the back button are:

  • Single press: Go to home screen
  • Double press: Show active apps

There are no shortcuts when tapping the side of Benks pen.

Writing performance is fantastic. Palm rejection works perfectly.

So the only downside to this pen is there's no pressure sensitivity. If you're not an artist, that should not matter. For writing and taking notes, Benks pen performs similarly as Apple Pencil 2 for less than half the price.

If you're interested to get this pen, you can find it on Benks online store.

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