Pitaka MagEZ Charging Stand for iPad (marble edition)

Review sample provided by Pitaka

Update May 2024: This stand is not compatible with the 2024 iPad Pro

The Pitaka charging stand for the iPad Pro is now available in black and white. I reviewed the black one a few months ago and this white marble version was released recently.

Here are the prices for the various stands:

White Black
Charging US $159 US $129
Non-charging US $119 US $99

You can't just buy the stand alone though as it also needs the US $89 MagEZ Case Pro so that wireless charging can work. So the total price for these two products is close to $188. Pricey.

It looks good and works well. It should go well with accessories that are white or use light colours.

That's the white marble wireless charging pad. Charging speed for Android phones, iPhones and earphones are 15W, 7.5W and 5W respectively.

There's also a light indicator what will light up beneath the charging pad when the phone is charging.

Wireless charging speed for the iPad Pro is 20W. And since two devices can be charged at the same time, Pitaka recommends using a 20W or higher charger. There's no charger included with the purchase.

The wireless charging for the iPad Pro is not exactly wireless charging. The case has a USB-C connector for the iPad Pro, and the back of the case has connectors for the stand. So it's actually a mixed of wired and wireless and it works well.

The stand needs a wired connection (USB-C to USB-A) to power source.

The stand can rotate to vertical or horizontal orientation easily with one hand. And the hinge will snap into place when the tablet is vertical or horizontal. Magnets are strong enough but not as strong compared to stands with larger magnet plates. The magnets are strong enough to prevent the tablet from being knocked off accidentally.

The Pitaka charging stand and case for the iPad Pro is indeed pricey. There aren't many iPad Pro stands in the market that supports wireless charging so options are limited. Pitaka products are pricey, but they are well made. You can decide whether it's worth the money based on the findings I've presented.

If you're interested to get this, you can get it from Pitaka online store

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