Rubber Pen Tips for Apple Pencil

Pen Tips is a product for people who feel their Apple Pencil is too slippery to draw with.

This is a simple product. It's just rubber pen tip made to fit onto the Apple Pencil tip.

These rubber pen tips are priced at €16 for 5 pieces which is cheaper than the original Apple Pencil tips which are US $20 for 4 pieces.

There are eight colours to choose from. On hindsight, I should have gotten the other colours because white is kinda boring now that I can see how it looks in real life.

Pen Tips unfortunately is a very generic name. I probably would have called it RubberLike but that doesn't sound nice either. lol. I know.

The pressure and tilt sensitivity are not affected by the rubber pen tip.

Pressure and tilt can still both work when you shade with the Apple Pencil using the side. However, if you shade fast, the rubber tip can come off. So you have to shade slowly. The rubber pen tip relies only on rubber friction to prevent itself from slipping off.

Rubber against glass does provide a good amount of friction and hence control. The feeling you'll get here is that of a rubber tip against glass. It's very different from a hard plastic tip against a matte screen protector.

Some artists get matte screen protectors because they like the tactile feeling when drawing, but the downside is matte screen protectors affect the visual quality of the display.

So with the rubber pen tip, you will still get the control when drawing, and still enjoy the wonderful visual quality of the iPad display.

This rubber tip is not suitable for writing because when you write, you want to write fast and the rubber tip actually slows you down with the friction.

And since the tip is made of rubber, there's no tapping sound. Actually when drawing, I only hear tapping sounds when drawing but not when writing because when we write we tend to do the tapping motion. Anyway, this is not a product I would recommend for writing.

The product certainly does what it's been advertised to do, to "increase control, reduce noise and protect your Apple Pencil". I'm not sure how durable the rubber tips are. Anyway, how long they can last will also depend on how often you draw with them.

Downside is the rubber tips can slip off especially so if you're shading with the side quickly. The other downside, if it can be called a downside, is the rubber-like feeling when you're drawing. It's probably something I can get used to since the anti-glare on the matte screen protector can sometimes frustrate me tremendously when I am working outdoors with the iPad.

So this is the alternative to for people who share the same frustration as I have for matte screen protectors.

Is it worth the money? You decide.

This is not a sponsored review but you can find these pen tips at


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