Pen pressure not working with Clip Studio Paint? Here are some fixes

Here are some troubleshooting steps to get pen pressure sensitivity to work with Clip Studio Paint (Windows).

The troubleshooting solutions mentioned below should work regardless of the brand of your tablet, e.g. Wacom, Huion, XPPen, Ugee, Parblo, Veikk, Xencelabs, Gaomon, etc.

I actually wrote this article as a checklist for myself.

1. Check if it's a hardware or software fault?

Does pen pressure work with the driver?

Does pen pressure work with other drawing apps?

I recommend you install some of these drawing apps to test for pressure sensitivity first:

Medibang Paint and Wacom Bamboo Paper are the apps I always use for testing because pen pressure usually works by default.

If pen pressure sensitivity works with the above listed apps, it's likely a software/settings issue than a hardware problem.

2. Change the preferences for WinTab vs Tablet PC

Inside Clip Studio Paint, go to menu File-Preferences (Ctrl+K) to open the Preferences dialogue box, choose Tablet from the list of tabs.

Under "Using tablet service", toggle between the two options Wintab and Tablet PC, then test for pen pressure.

Pen pressure should work now. Changing other settings further down is usually not necessary.

"Wintab" is actually meant for pen tablets and pen displays that connect to a computer. "Tablet PC" is meant for Windows tablets or those touchscreen 2-in-1 convertible laptops. The thing is Windows sometimes doesn't know which driver to use so it uses the wrong driver. Hopefully buy toggling between Wintab and Tablet PC, you can get pressure to work.

3. Check Windows Ink

If pressure still doesn't work after step #2, try toggling Windows Ink on or off.

With Windows Ink on or off, you may have to go through step #2 again.

Most drivers for pen tablets and pen displays should have the Windows Ink option under Pen Settings.

This should apply for drivers from Huion, XP-Pen, Gaomon, Veikk, Artisul, Ugee, Parblo, Bosto and other brands.

Wacom users

If you're using Wacom drivers, you may have to use Reset Settings.

Help others in the comments section

If any of the fixes above worked for you, let others know your pen tablet or pen display model.

I am having a new problem with my cintiq pens eraser, when I try and use it even if I do not touch the screen it will erase I just have to hold it close, also I can no longer change the size, BUT if I actually select the eraser tool it works normally. Have you come across this issue, I am on Windows 10

In reply to by Leon (not verified)

Not sure why that's happening.

It sounds like when the pen tip is near, it's actually registered as a click hence it's erasing. It could be a driver or settings issue, or pen problem.

Try testing the pen with other drawing apps to see if the problem is repeatable. Try with Medibang Paint and Krita (both free).

Then reset the Wacom driver settings. Or reinstall Wacom driver to test.

thank you!

Thank you this was extremely helpful!! My issue was resolved with the 2nd fix, changing preferences to Tablet PC. I have a Huion model NEW 1060 Plus if anyone else has the same model.

Thank you! I was so frustrated by XP-PEN tablet wasn't working with CSP, switching it to the Tablet PC setting was exactly what I needed to do!

This actually helped a lot. I have a Gaomon (model: PD1161 for those reading), and swapping it to Wintab was the way I fixed it.

Been trying to fix my tablet, looking for solutions for a week on the reddit, blogs, youtube vids, etc... even almost going to the official store to refund it, but then i found this guide and turns out its not my tab fault but the csp settings. This saves me from a lot of trouble haha, thanks a lot!

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