Moving On: The Art of Steve Hanks

Moving On: The Art of Steve Hanks

I don't have this book, not yet anyway.

Steve Hank paints some really beautiful and intimate art. The way he sees and paints light is just fascinating. Check out his website for more.

All the images you see below are sourced from his website. I can't confirm if all will be in the book but you can get the general idea of what to expect.

The product description below is from Amazon:

"Steve Hanks is first and foremost a figure painter whose watercolor compositions are infused with emotion and a kind of poetry formed by light and shadow. Realistic figure painting in watercolor is technically demanding and Hanks is the premier artist working in this field today. His astonishing realism comes from his skillful control of washes, edges, and layers and from his knowledge of the properties of water and pigment.

"Hanks paints what he refers to as "moments of introspective solitude" with the deepest respect for the privacy of the individual lost in reflection. The paintings in this ample volume represent the most extensive collection of the artist's work in more than ten years, and his subjects include infants, children and families, beautiful women, and nudes. Every painting holds a mystery, and each is also a personal story about the artist as he discovers the expression of his own emotional unfolding through his art."

Steve Hanks art - 01

Steve Hanks art - 02

Steve Hanks art - 03

Steve Hanks art - 04

Steve Hanks art - 05

Steve Hanks art - 06

Steve Hanks art - 10

Steve Hanks art - 12

Steve Hanks art - 15

Steve Hanks art - 16

Steve Hanks art - 17

Steve Hanks art - 18

Steve Hanks art - 20

Here's a video of Steve Hanks talking about his inspiration.

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Hi Parka, I've bought this

Hi Parka,
I've bought this book two months ago, it coast me 45$.
This is really wonderful book, a lot of amazing paintings (I think 2-3 images from your review are not in the book), quality print on a quality paper.
It coasts alot, but worth any cent!

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