The Marvel Art Of Marko Djurdjevic is now available

The Marvel Art Of Marko Djurdjevic

The Marvel Art Of Marko Djurdjevic is one of the art books I'm looking forward to and it's finally out. Hardcover, 240 whopping pages, great art. Expect a more detailed review from me next month, August.

For those who have pre-ordered from, they have already started shipping the book out. For those who haven't, below are the links. Other than the US, other countries might not have the stock yet, but do check out third party Amazon merchants also, especially if their prices are good.

Country-specific Amazon links for The Marvel Art Of Marko Djurdjevic: | | | | |

Below's an interview I found on Youtube.

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Another book to add to the

Another book to add to the list of things to get.

A bit annoyed that I just ordered a bunch of books a few weeks ago, but didn't get this as I thought it was due at the end of the month and didn't want it to hold up my order. I was also under the impression that the book just featured Marko's Marvel cover art, but what I'm reading now there's probably a lot more than that... oh well, I'll get it eventually.

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