March 2019 Roundup


  1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse -The Art of the Movie
  2. The Big Kopinski Volume 1
  3. Seville from Top to Bottom by Inma Serrano
  4. Drawing and Sketching: Expert Answers to the Questions Every Artist Asks
  5. Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion
  6. The Cinematic Art of StarCraft
  7. Drawing Powerful Heroes Vol 1 by Bart Sears
  8. Alita: Battle Angel - The Art and Making of the Movie
  9. Watercolour Enigma, The: A Complete Painting Course Revealing the Secrets and Science of Watercolour
  10. The Eyes of Bayonetta 2

Product reviews

  1. XP-PEN Artist 15.6 Pro Pen Display
  2. Uni Posca markers
  3. Field Easel Art Bag
  4. Guide to watercolour products
  5. Single vs multi-pigment paint
  6. Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow
  7. White Nights 9 New Colours
  8. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2
  9. Lexington Gray

Youtube videos

  1. That failed Opaque Ink Sketch (timelapse part 2/2)
  2. That failed Opaque Ink Sketch (timelapse part 1/2)
  3. Artist Review: iPad Mini 5 (2019)
  4. Artist Review: iPad Air 3 (2019)
  5. Review: XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Pen Display
  6. Seville from Top to Bottom by Inma Serrano (book review)
  7. Uni Posca Marker Review & Tutorial
  8. Painting the Holbein Colour Chart
  9. Using Social Media as an Artist
  10. Review: Diamine Pink Glitz & Enchanted Ocean fountain pen ink
  11. What makes watercolour paper WATERCOLOUR PAPER?
  12. If You Are Bored With WATERCOLOR Read This Book
  13. Drawing Turnips with Brush Pen and Watercolour
  14. Brush Pens with Bristles (Comparison Review)
  15. Painting a wall mural is hard work
  16. Is the Uni Kuru Toga good for drawing? (review)
  17. 9 new colours and watercolour tube sets from White Nights (2018)
  18. The Creative License by Danny Gregory (book review)
  19. Review: Diamine Lilac Satin & Firestorm Red ink
  20. Mayan Yellow + Prussian Blue + Translucent Orange (Limited Palette)
  21. 2-point Perspective on Neil Road (timelapse)
  22. Surface Laptop 2 vs Surface Pro 6 (artist review)
  23. Review: Sennelier USKBook (green cover) with 100% WC paper
  24. Book Review: Brittany Sketchbook by Fabrice Moireau
  25. Painting with Lexington Gray ink
  26. What Resolution to Use for Scanning Artworks
  27. Which Ink Refill to Use for Brush Pens
  28. Hahnemuhle Sketchbook Tour (Jul 2018 - Feb 2019)

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