INSPIRED Art Book by ArtOrder

Jon Schindehette from The ArtOrder has just announced their first artbook called INSPIRED

It's a juried artbook that features artworks from various artist.

Unlike other juried artbooks where artists have to trade their art for exposure or a chance to win some prizes, INSPIRED actually pays the featured artists if the book sells well. I think that's a great business model because in addition to the exposure you'll get, you're actually getting paid for your hard work.

The jury are

And the artists included are

  1. Alice Cao
  2. Anthony Schmidt
  3. Ashley Stewart
  4. Bram “Boco” Sels
  5. Brenda Lyons
  6. Cole Marchetti
  7. Cristina Bencina
  8. Dave Lebow
  9. David Brasgalla
  10. Elizabeth Leggett
  11. Filippo "onez" Vanzo
  12. Gabriella Liv Eriksson
  13. Herman Lau
  14. Inaya Hodeib
  15. Jason Cheeseman-Meyer
  16. Jim Zaccaria
  17. John Picacio
  18. Julia Metzger
  19. Julian Hayduk
  20. Kelley McMorris
  21. Kip Ayers
  22. Kiri Østergaard Leonard
  23. Kristina Carroll
  24. Marc Scheff
  25. Paul Pederson
  26. Rebecca Yanovskaya
  27. Rich Klink
  28. Sam Guay
  29. Sybiline
  30. Tara Larsen Chang
  31. Tav Kong
  32. Terese Nielsen
  33. Terryl Whitlatch
  34. Wylie Beckert

The book's still in the printing process but will be in March 2015.

It will to be a 8x8 inch paperback with 132 pages, limited at 1000 copies only, priced at USD $24.95 each.

Also available for sale is a high resolution PDF ebook at USD $5.95. Those who pre-order the artbook will get the PDF free.

Check out more details of the book at

I've already seen the book in its entirety and the artworks are great. The only downside is the artworks are presented only on one side of the spread, and the other page is either the artist profile and interview with quite a bit of unused white space.

The page previews below are cropped versions of the spreads so as to make the pictures larger for you to see. The last two pictures shows you the actual format you can expect. It's a square format book and the artworks do not cross the page gutter.

INSPIRED artbook by ArtOrder - 01

INSPIRED artbook by ArtOrder - 02

INSPIRED artbook by ArtOrder - 03

INSPIRED artbook by ArtOrder - 04

INSPIRED artbook by ArtOrder - 05

INSPIRED artbook by ArtOrder - 06

INSPIRED artbook by ArtOrder - 07

INSPIRED artbook by ArtOrder - 08

INSPIRED artbook by ArtOrder - 09

INSPIRED artbook by ArtOrder - 10

You can get the book at


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