From Illustrations to Merchandise: Market Your Artwork by Louise Lockhart (online art course)

Louise Lockhart is a freelance illustrator based in UK. She works on children books, creates art for her own merchandise that she sells on her online store and also licenses art to other companies.

From Illustrations to Merchandise: Market Your Artwork is an online course by Louise where she shares tips on how you can run an online store and sell merchandise featuring your art.

This 1h 36min course starts has tips on finding your voice, style and brand identity. There's useful information like how you should research and check out your competition, where to get ideas, how to start from the scratch and get feedback on your products.

The main example in this course is about using a design that's going to be screen-printed onto a tote bag. Louise shares things you need to know before you can put your art onto merchandise.

There are also technical requirements you need to know for printing art on products, e.g. requirements for printing on cloth, paper and ceramics are all different.

There's a section on budgeting. You'll learn how to budget for cost, your time, how many products to make and sell. The general tip is to start small so that it's not overwhelming rather than go big too early and be stuck with too much inventory.

There are also tips on how you can promote your product online, how to improve your packaging to create a good experience for your customers.

This course covers pretty much all the important things beginner artists should know when it comes to selling online. This is an insightful and informative course by Louise and you can learn a lot from her 10 years of experience with selling merchandise online. The only downside is this course could be longer because I would certainly love to hear more about working with a larger variety of products because in this course the main product is a tote bag. I would love more business-related stories too.

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Price of this course is usually around US $19, but the price will vary depending on whether there are any promotion.

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