House moving with EZstorage (review)

This is not a sponsored review

I'm currently in the midst of moving house and just wanted to share my experience with using EZ Storage Singapore that provides house moving and furniture storage services on a per-month payment basis.

There are many moving and storage companies in Singapore, and there are so many sponsored reviews out there. My review will focus on the experience and what you can expect. There will be no comparison with other companies because I can't be bothered to write a comparison review.

By the way, I chose EZ Storage because it was recommended by my property agent and the pricing seems reasonable.

All prices listed below are as of August 2023.

Who are the people who need short term storage?

People who have sold their property but have not moved into the new property. They will need storage space for their old furniture before moving them to the renovated new place. I'm in this category. The 926 sqft 3-bedroom condo I bought is getting small with two kids now so I want to move to a bigger place.

People who plan renovating their currently place and need the furniture to be stored elsewhere during renovation period.

People who have too much stuff. Note that if you want to retrieve specific items from storage, EZ Storage does provide valet and delivery service but at a cost of course.

How much does it cost

The prices will vary depending on the storage space needed.

These are the quotes I received for 100sqft and 140 sqft

100 sqft (9.29 sqm) at SGD 250 per month
One-Time Admin fee: $60.00
Deposit: $250.00 (refundable within 1 month of termination)
Moving Services (one time): $280.00
Free cardboard boxes: 30

140sqft (13 sqm) at $370 per month
One-Time Admin fee: $80.00
Deposit: $370 (refundable within 1 month of termination)
Moving Services (one time): $420
Free cardboard boxes: 30

If you need more space, you'll have to contact EZ Storage for a quote.

How many boxes do you get?

Free cardboard boxes will be provided to you and how many you get will depend on how much storage space you need.

Each cardboard box measures 51.4cm x 41.2cm x 42.4cm (height) which I'm told is the standard size for moving items.

Cardboard boxes and packing tape are delivered days in advance so that you can start packing first. Loose items are best packed into plastic bags or containers before storing into the cardboard box.

The cardboard boxes may be new or used and have be labeled with your name and stored items.

Should you need even more boxes than the free ones provided, you'll have to pay $20 for delivery and extra $5 per box.

Services provided on the actual day

There will be dismantling of general items, and furniture will get protective wrapping.

Complex dismantling cost $60.00 more. Eg. storage bed.

For storage of books in boxes, do box them in no more than 15-20kg weight.

For the fragile items, eg TV, mirror, monitor, there's fragile packing service at extra cost of $30 on the day of moving.

For plates, cups, glasses, you can purchase packing paper from EZ Storage to pack yourself, or use their packing services at $12/box (minimum 10 boxes).

According to the company:

For TVs, it would require fragile packing if you do not have the original box and styrofoam protecting it.

Our mover team will first check the TV status that is in good condition before storing with us.

So you do not need to unplug your TV first, only after we have checked & document, then we proceed to unplug and wrap for you.

(Only leave the power source, for the other appliances connected to the TV , you may pack it beforehand)

So what did I store?

  • TV console
  • Full height cupboard
  • 2.5 seater sofa
  • 4x kitchen dinning chair
  • 1x king-size bed (40sqft if stored flat)
  • 1x king-size bed frame
  • 1x 27-inch computer monitor (fragile)
  • 1x computer table
  • 2x small cupboards (waist height)
  • 1x Vacuum
  • 1x laundry basket
  • 45 boxes

I had to get the 140 sqft plan for my 3-bedroom condo. I needed 10 boxes just for my art supplies and artbooks. Gosh.

It took the movers 2 hours to move everything, including disposing some items.

Things I did not store are:

  • Fridge
  • Washer
  • Dining table
  • Single bed and frame
  • Computer chair

List above are the items I plan to replace.

Ideally, you should not pack disposables such as cleaning liquid, tissue boxes, since these items take up space and can be purchased easily. You don't want these cheap items to take up space and get you into the next storage tier, e.g. from 100sqft ($250/monthly) to 140 sqft ($370).

If you are not sure how much storage space you need, you can photograph all your rooms and items, and send the photos to EZ Storage for assessment.

Additional cost

$140 for long distance hauling for 140 sqft. The lorry was not able to park nearer the lift.

$240 for the removal of three items: single bed and mattress, cabinet and kitchen table.

$60 for dismantling of king-size bedframe.

That's an extra $440 on top of the 140 sqft plan that does not require extra boxes or complex dismantling.


If you have items that can be damaged by humidity, you will need air-conditioned storage.

Some items include camera and lenses, leather products, headphones ear cups. These are two common items that can be easily damaged by humidity, within a month.

Basically any surface that can grow mold or mildew, leather-like material, can be affected by humidity.

Electronics that have internal batteries could be damaged when left in discharged stage for long periods of time. If possible, try not to store items such as tablets, video game controllers, laptops for long periods of time, months.

Other notes

The company is quite responsive on Whatsapp.

If you live in a condo, make sure you apply the correct permit and fill the correct form. I used the Bulky Delivery form when I should have used the Moving Out form. As a result, the movers had to waste time waiting while I filled in the correct form last minute.

When the movers are at your place, ask them how you can help them speed up the moving. E.g. provide them with condo access cards, two pieces.

These are professional movers and they certainly know what they are doing. I was told they cover 6 homes a day.



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