Designing Kawaii Worlds: Spread Joy Through Illustration by Becky Cas (online art course)

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Designing Kawaii Worlds is a 3hr 4min online art course by freelance illustrator Becky Cas who specialises in cute kawaii art.

This is a fun hands-on course for those who love kawaii art. In this course you will design kawaii characters and worlds.

You'll learn kawaii culture, proportions and expressions, choosing colour palettes and using your art to create merchandise.

The lessons are easy to follow along and there's a lot of insight provided. Becky has collaborated with Hinkler Global, Cupkin, Copic, and noissue. She mainly works on activity books for children, book covers and concept art.

This is a digital illustration course and Becky uses an iPad with the Procreate app. The drawing tips and techniques can be used on other tablets and drawing apps too.

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Check out this course by Beck Cas and reviews on Domestika.

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