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Ballistic Publishing is going into fashion design with their upcoming Master Class book! This book is for character designers, concept artists and fashion designers. There are several tutorials as well.

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The featured artists are Alessia Zambonin, Lois van Baarle, Annie Stegg and Anne Pogoda.

Preview pages and more details are available at:

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Not really, the quality and

Not really, the quality and craft is amazing and it's not just showing 4 artists - they actually walk you through their work which is interesting. The $170 is for collectors and $75 for a book of this quality slipcased as well is actually great value. These books are forever.

Two of the artists have

Two of the artists have similar-ish styles and one artist has same-face on almost all her paintings. A good 90% of this art you can find online in their portfolios, and one has posted a vast amount of painting tutorials on her deviantart. I apologize, but that really is not worth at most $75... Maybe $15-30. :(
The "first-100" print can be found on DA too.

Also fashion design has

Also fashion design has nothing really to do with digital art, im sure professional costume designers will not be impressed, maybe it can be useful for fantasy art stuff but doesn't look like a serious book for designers imho

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