Conan The Phenonmen

Conan The Phenonmen

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Since his first appearance in a 1932 pulp magazine, Conan the Barbarian has enjoyed every success available to a fictional character. Robert E. Howard, created the genre of sword and sorcery with his original stories; Frank Frazetta's definitive (and often imitated) Conan book covers set the standard for dynamic fantasy artwork; Roy Thomas, with Barry Smith and later John Buscema, used the character to push the boundaries of comic-book adventure; and Arnold Schwarzenegger launched his amazing film career.

Now, with the character's popularity renewed thanks to the award-winning comics series by Kurt Busiek, Timothy Truman, Cary Nord, and Dave Stewart, all of these eras of Conan are examined under one cover in this lavishly illustrated book. Conan historian Paul Sammon looks at all the stages of the character's development, with commentary and archival material from the most integral players in that history, in this must-have book for anyone who's followed the barbarian through any of his incarnations.

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