Color Blast! Volume Two

Jakob Westman's work lives (beautifully) in that no-man's land between illustration and pure design - plus there is sculpture, to prove that he can apparently do everything. - Mike Mignola, Creator of Hellboy

A pristine, candy-coated experience, liquid in movement, crystalline in execution; bite down to the core and you’ll find a golden blast of optimism. - James Jean, Artist of Fables, Prada and Kindling

A throbbing dance party for the eyes with colorful images like the soundtrack to a constantly moving Euro-cool lifestyle. All beautifully designed in this must-have book. - Kevin Dart, Creator of Yuki 7

Jakob's diverse graphic work continues to evolve in leaps and bounds. Volume 2 really shows he's becoming a master of carefully chosen, limited color palettes and bold compositions - great stuff! - Nathan Jurevicius, Creator of Scarygirl

Those are just some of the lavish praises for this book, Color Blast! Volume Two, the portfolio of Jakob Westman.

The cover's printed on holographic foil and shines like a rainbow. Inside, energetic colours, striking vector style graphics and strong compositions adorn the pages. It's a beautiful blend of graphic design with illustration style. I like the character art with the strong line art. It's a very cool book.

There's only a 500-copy print run for this book. Each one is signed and numbered. You can check out for more page previews as well as buy the book. Volume One is available as well.

Color Blast! Volume Two - 01

Color Blast! Volume Two - 02

Color Blast! Volume Two - 03

Color Blast! Volume Two - 04

Color Blast! Volume Two - 05

Color Blast! Volume Two - 06

Color Blast! Volume Two - 07

Color Blast! Volume Two - 08

Color Blast! Volume Two - 09

Color Blast! Volume Two - 10



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