Botanical Sketchbooking: A Meditative Approach by Lapin (online art course)

Lapin is an illustrator and urban sketcher based in Barcelona, Spain. He's known for his urban sketches, detailed watercolour illustrations of cities and people.

Botanical Sketchbooking: A Meditative Approach is his online art course on sketching botany, plants.

The project to sketch plants came about due to the lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. While sketching, Lapin discovered serenity and calm with sketching plants. I can totally understand that. Drawing is and can be a meditative experience. It's an activity you can get lost in and loose track of time.

While the subject matter, plants, is very different from what Lapin usually sketches, his style is still recognisable.

This course is 5 hours and 28 minutes. It's a long course and may not be suitable for those who are impatient. Drawing is a slow process, and in this course, that process may be even slower because it requires you to really focus and observe in detail the subject that you're drawing.

This course is suitable for beginners. The instructions are clear, easy to understand and follow along. Reference photos are provided on screen. There's a lot of insight to help you understand the drawing process in details, and the things to look out for before or during drawing.

The tutorials involve drawing plants, leaves, flowers, cactus. The drawing supplies you'll need are multiliner pens (or fineliners), white gel pen and watercolour.

The illustrations are beautiful. You can see more on Lapin's Instagram page.

There's also a tutorial on how to turn your drawing using software into a seamless texture or pattern.

This is an insightful course for people who want to slow down and appreciate life, and do so through drawing.

If you like this course, check out his earlier course Urban Sketching: Express Your World in a New Perspective too.

5 out of 5 stars

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