Book Review: X-Ray Art

Inside out art

How refreshing to come across a book that will grab you at any open page. Nick Veasey's photo art gives a fresh take on the humble x-ray which is interesting because the technology has been around for years but how many photographers, in the past, had a big lead-lined studio and the latest GE digital imaging equipment.

The two hundred plus photos are divided into: Objects; Body; Nature; Fashion. I thought the Body was the most fascinating chapter. Seeing a landscape bus with twenty skeletons or a plane in a hanger, this time with mini skeletons, is rather awe inspiring. Objects produces some winners, too. Looking inside everyday things like an MP3 player, computer mouse, mobile phone or a movie camera will just make you look and look. I thought the natural world section didn't hold my interest as much as the other three chapters. Nature provides a staggering range of outside shapes and textures without even looking inside them.

The book is handsome production using a 175 screen on good matt art paper though the many black pages will probably show up finger marks eventually. The back pages have two hundred thumbnails of the book's spreads with very comprehensive captions.

Nick Veasey has produced one of those books that will generate many repeat viewings.

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The back of the book has seventeen pages of detailed captions.

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